29 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX

St. Mark’s

Vestry Teams

Property and Infrastructure Team

  • Maximise the usability, functionality, flexibility, and accessibility of our spaces to bless both the congregation and the wider community.

Terms of Reference:

  • To maintain, repair, and improve the Parish Church, its furnishings and facilities, as well as the graveyard, church hall, rectory, grounds, and all other church-owned properties.
  • To ensure church-owned properties, where applicable, meet the government and legal requirements for business and/or private tenancy.
  • To ensure both the church and business tenants/property users have appropriate, agreed, and delineated storage to meet their requirements.
  • To record and maintain an inventory of all church furnishings and submit this to the diocese on an annual basis.
  • To manage the provision, storage, and maintenance of consumables, equipment, and furnishings.
  • To ensure, where possible and practical, the Parish Church and Hall are accessible for those with disabilities including wheelchair users.
  • To ensure the Parish Church is maintained and improved to enable contextual worship, prayer, and pastoral ministry to take place.
  • To ensure the Parish Church and public premises are, where practical, fit for purpose with regard to use by the wider community including children and young people.

Children and Families Team

  • Reach and connect with young people in the parish through church-based activities and schools work.
  • Provide relevant opportunities for people to meet and gather in both church and non-church locations.
  • Respond appropriately to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in both our congregation and the wider community.
  • Invite both church and non-church members to join God’s mission through participation in our outreach projects.
  • To provide opportunities for ongoing discipleship and spiritual growth both online and in person.

Terms of Reference:

  • To ensure every member of Smith’s Parish, including members of St.Mark’s, has
    • access to spiritual and pastoral care.
    • the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message.
    • access to ongoing fellowship, discipleship, and learning opportunities.

Business and Finance Team

  • Encourage people to donate or tithe through providing transparency and communicating about how our money is allocated.
  • Be good stewards of our finances and resources through developing a culture of careful management and procurement.

Terms of Reference:

  • Manage the church accounts, banking, budgeting, tithing, donations, and policies for capital expenditure, and manage the day-to-day finances.
  • Negotiate and manage all works contracts, terms of employment, and business/private tenancy agreements and leases.
  • Organise and manage the effective and efficient day-to-day administration of the ministry of the Parish Church, graveyard, Parish Hall, and church properties.
  • Develop and establish a business strategy, including marketing, of St.Mark’s facilities and properties for hire.
  • Raise sufficient funds to pay:
    • the stipend of the Associate Priest for St.Mark’s and Holy Trinity Church.
    • for the maintenance, repair, and improvement of the Parish Church, its furnishings, as well as the graveyard, Parish Hall, rectory, and other church properties.
    • for all necessary expenses relating to the worship and services of the church — which may include the payment of musicians and other necessary roles.
    • to insure the church property and pay all utilities and administration costs.
    • to make available an annual $2000 Discretionary Fund to be used by the Associate Priest or Priest-in-Charge for charitable purposes.

Worship and Prayer Team

  • Encourage people to encounter God by providing relevant worship that embraces both traditional and contemporary elements.
  • Ensure our worship is accessible and seeker-friendly through removing barriers that might impede or hinder people connecting with God.
  • Extend God’s love to the wider community by inviting groups to participate in our worship and receive God’s blessing.

Terms of Reference:

  • To ensure that there is a variety of styles across the worship opportunities made available between both St.Mark’s and Holy Trinity churches.
  • To ensure that the worship is accessible to all including parents of babies, children, those with disabilities, wheelchair users, and those with mental health issues.
  • To manage the administration and planning for worship including rotas, themes, music, and special occasions.
  • To manage the physical resources for worship including any books, audiovisual equipment, furnishings, and equipment.
  • To manage the human resources for worship including welcomers, readers, musicians, servers, eucharistic ministers, AV team, children’s team, and guest speakers.