29 Church Street, Hamilton, Bermuda HM CX

St. Mark’s

St Mark’s Parish Hall Rental Agreement

A. Definitions

“Landlord” refers to the St Mark’s Church Vestry

‘Lessee” refers to the person or organization that rents the hall

“Hall” refers to the main large room of the building together with the bathrooms and kitchen facilities (as detailed below).

B. Conditions of Rental

1. Occupancy

1.1 The occupancy of the Hall is not to exceed 120 people for seated purposes. That is to say that for any function setting out to seat people the limit will be 120 seats.

1.2 COVID-19 Limitations. The occupancy of the hall is not to exceed the limit allowed under the Bermuda Government’s Pandemic Guidance Regulations currently prevailing on the date of the function.

2. Scope of Hall Rental

2.1 Rental of the Hall will mean access to the main room of the building together with the stage area, the bathroom facilities, and use of the warmers and wash-up facilities in the kitchen.  Tables and chairs to accommodate up to 120 persons are also included.

2.2 Rental of the Hall does not include the use of glassware, chinaware or tablecloths.

2.3 Use of the equipment within the Kitchen Area is included in this agreement under separate heading as it may be rented with different combinations of equipment requirements.

2.4 A Public Address (PA) system is available for use within the scope of the rental. If the Lessee wishes to use the PA system the Lessee must request this so that the Lessee can be shown how to access and use the system.

3. Scope of Kitchen Rental

3.1 Tier 1 Rental – Included as part of the standard Hall rental agreement. Tier 1 provides for the use of the Warmers, Under the Counter Refrigerator, and Sinks for food preparation or wash-up.

3.2 Tier 2 Rental – All of Tier 1 and in addition includes use of the Stoves, Refrigerator and Freezer. This does not include use of Deep Fat Fryers and/or Dishwasher.

3.3 Tier 3 Rental – All of Tier 1 & 2 together with use of Deep Fat Fryers &/or Dishwashers subject to proof of demonstrable experience at using Deep Fat Fryers &/or Industrial Dishwashers.

3.4 Covid-19 Surcharge – When Covid-19 restrictions are in effect a surcharge for Professional Deep-Cleaning following a rental.

3.5 The Kitchen Steward will provide instruction on the use of equipment prior to the rental commencing, and for Tier 2 & 3 rentals, the use of the equipment specified for each Tier shall be subject to the Kitchen Steward’s approval. The Kitchen Steward (Keith DeSilva) can be contacted at +1 (441) 505-1310.

3.6 The Lessee shall be responsible for returning the Kitchen equipment in good operating condition. The Lessee will be held liable for any damages to any kitchen equipment at the end of the rental.

4. Piano

4.1 There is a piano in the Hall which is not included in the Rental agreement. The movement of the piano across the floor and its use is not permitted without special written permission.

5. Playground

5.1 There are flat open grassed areas outside to the front and side of the Hall that may be used as playground areas. Lessees are to provide their own playground equipment.

5.2 There is an area to the rear of the Hall which is enclosed by a fence that has an assortment of children’s playground equipment installed. This enclosed area and the equipment therein is for the sole use of Tree Tops Preschool Ltd.

6. Smoking

6.1 Smoking is not permitted inside the building. Lessees are expected to see that their guests do not smoke inside the Hall or any of its adjoining rooms.

7. Alcoholic Beverages:

7.1 Alcoholic beverages are allowed subject to any public permitting requirements that may apply, which shall be the Lessee’s obligation to determine

8. Decorations

If decorating the Hall the following conditions apply:

8.1 No staples are to be used on tables, walls, windows, etc.

8.2 If balloons are used and the balloons are released to rise to the ceiling then the lessee will be responsible for their removal. Should balloons be discovered in the ceiling or tangled in a fan after the function the Lessee’s deposit will be forfeited to cover the expense to remove the balloons stuck or trapped overhead.

9. Rental Days & Times

9.1 The Hall is available for rent on either Saturday, between 9:00am and 12:00 Midnight or on Sundays between 12 noon to 4pm.

9.2 For Saturday night rentals the premises are to be vacated by 12 Midnight.

9.3 For Sunday afternoon rentals the premises are to be vacated by 4:00pm.

9.4 There will be a grace period of up to two hours prior to the start of the rental period when the Lessee will be allowed set-up time.

10. Food Delivery:

10.1 Delivery of food items is permitted ONLY during the agreed upon set-up time and not before.

11. Music

11.1 There is a PA system available for the Lessee’s use during Hall rental. If the Lessee wishes to use the PA system the Lessee must make this known at the time of rental so that arrangements can be made for the system to be unlocked and for the Lessee to be shown how to use the PA system during the set-up time.

11.2 The volume of music must be kept low enough so that it does not disturb any Church services that may be going on. Secondly if there are no Church services going on, the amplitude of the music must be such that it does not violate any noise ordinances that may apply with respect to disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood residents.

12. Clean-Up

12.1 The Lessee is required to leave the Hall, Bathrooms, Kitchen and Parking Area clean and tidy and is to see that no belongings are left behind.

12.2 There are two options for trash:

12.2.1 Trash may be placed in large heavy duty trash bags and left outside the kitchen door entrance in the bin(s) labelled “Trash.” This trash will be disposed by the Landlord for a fee of $100.00 which will be deducted out of the security deposit.

12.2.2 The Lessee may choose to take all trash away on departure. All leftover food must be removed and the Lessee is to ensure that nothing is left in the refrigerators.

13. Landlord Disclaimers

13.1 The Landlord accepts no liability for any breaches of any Bermuda Government Covid-19 regulations regarding numbers of people in attendance, wearing of face masks, hand-sanitizing, social distancing or any other related regulation prevailing at the date of any function. Lessee is to be entirely responsible for abiding by and adhering to all such regulations currently in effect.

13.2 The Landlord accepts no liability for any breaches of any Safeguarding Regulations pertaining to children and vulnerable persons under the Human Rights Act 1981, the Children Act 1998 and the Senior Abuse Register Act 2006. The Lessee is to be entirely responsible for compliance with the provisions of legislation.

13.3 The Landlord accepts no liability for injury, loss or damage to person or property associated with or belonging to the Lessee.

13.4 The Landlord holds the Lessee to be entirely responsible for any damage to the Hall or any equipment within the Hall belonging to the Landlord. This responsibility is to extend to all additional cost to repair or replace damaged or lost equipment that may apply.

14. Permits or Licenses

14.1 The Lessee shall be responsible for any permits or licenses required by law or regulation for the purposes of the function for which the Hall is to be rented.

15. Duty of the Hall Administrator:

15.1 The Hall Administrator will ensure that the Hall is open for the set-up period in advance of the Reserved Function.

15.2 The Hall Administrator will close and secure the Hall when the Booked Function is over.

16. Parking & Parking Attendants

16.1 Parking will be available in the paved parking area and on the grass area adjacent to the Hall after the grass has had a growing in period. Prior to the growing in period being completed parking may take place on the front lawn of the Church Grounds and in the Parking Area to the West of the Church on St. Mark’s Road.

16.2 There is to be No Parking in the areas designated “No Parking” which is in the Rector’s drive and in the residents of Mount Hope Lane drive way and parking area.

16.3 The Lessee is responsible to provide sufficient parking attendants to ensure that parking is done in an orderly manner so as to keep entry and exit from the residents and Rectory premises open at all times.

17. Subletting

17.1 The rental of the Hall premises, equipment, and grounds shall ONLY be for the benefit of the person(s) or organization who signs the Rental Agreement.

17.2 The Rental Agreement cannot be transferred to other person(s) or organization without a request in writing. The Landlord will respond to the request in writing. If such transfer is agreed then the person(s) or organization which takes over the Rental Agreement shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms and conditions of the original Rental Agreement and this shall be indicated on the Rental Agreement with the dated signature of the person(s) or organization taking over the Rental Agreement.

18. Rental Rates (see Section 3)

18.1 Hall & Kitchen Tier 1: $100.00 per hour

18.2 Hall & Kitchen Tier 2: $150.00 per hour

18.3 Hall & Kitchen Tier 3: $175.00 per hour – (subject to approval)

18.4 Covid-19 Surcharge $200.00 (if applicable)

18.5 Air-conditioning Surcharge $100 (if required)

19. Deposit

19.1 A security deposit of $ 250.00 is required at the time of making the booking for Tier 1 bookings. For Tier 2 & 3 bookings a deposit of $500.00 is required to confirm the booking.

19.2 The deposit will be returned in full once the facility has been inspected after the booking has ended to ensure the Hall, Bathrooms, kitchen, and Outside areas have been returned to their original state and there are no damages as a result of the booked event.

19.3 If the Lessee opts to leave trash behind for the Landlord to dispose of then the $100.00 fee will be deducted from the deposit for the disposal of the trash.

19.4 If there are damages or losses exceeding the value of the deposit then the Lessee will be invoiced for the full cost to repair or replace the damaged or lost item(s).

20. Cancellation

20.1 A booking cancellation must be received 7 Days before the event for the Security Deposit to be returned.