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Declaration of Principles


As part of our identity, we have a declaration of principles which outline the source of our core beliefs: We do declare that it is our intention that the Anglican Church of Bermuda shall continue to be in spiritual union and communion with the Church of England and the other Churches of the Anglican Communion.


We recognize and accept the canon of Holy Scripture, received by the Church of England, as the rule and standard of our Christian faith; we acknowledge the Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other rites authorized for use in the Church of England, together with the thirty-nine Articles of Religion, as interpreted and accepted by the Church of England, to be a true and faithful declaration of Christian doctrine.


We also maintain, as scriptural and apostolic, the threefold order of the Christian Ministry - Bishops, Priests and Deacons.

A Historic Church with Fresh Ideas!
Welcome to the Anglican Church of Bermuda, where together we seek to know Jesus and make him known in Bermuda and around the world. We look forward to sharing in fellowship and ministry with you, growing together throughout life's journey and supporting you in every stage of life and faith.


The Anglican Church of Bermuda welcomes you with an island-wide array of fellowship opportunities to share with you. We look forward to having you join us.


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The Anglican Church of Bermuda would be honoured to share in your special moments. We are ready and available to meet your needs.


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The Anglican Church of Bermuda is eager to share our faith with the community through ministry. There is a ministry opportunity for everyone.


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The Anglican Church of Bermuda cares about people and is committed to fulfilling Christ’s commandment to love and serve one another.


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