The Anglican Church of Bermuda - A Brief Introduct

The Anglican Diocese of Bermuda

The Anglican Church of Bermuda is a single diocese consisting of nine parishes (fourteen churches, in all, including the Cathedral) in Bermuda.


The diocese is “extra-provincial”, but aligned to the Province of Canterbury in England. The current Bishop of Bermuda, based at the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in the City of Hamilton, is the Rt Revd Nicholas Dill who was ordained bishop in May 2013.

Among its Parish churches is St. Peter's Church, in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of St. George's Town. St. George's is the oldest English town in the New World, and St. Peter's is the oldest Anglican, and the oldest Protestant, church in the New World.


The Parishes

The nine parishes are currently served by fourteen clergy who would be delighted to welcome you to church services, to offer spiritual counsel or to explore what it means to be a Christian.  Click here to discover who to contact.

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